Yuko Matsuzaki = 松崎裕子 - World Heritage Music Imagination Ⅰ South America ~Winds of Galapagos〜 = 世界遺産ミュージック・イマジネーションⅠ [南米編] ~ガラパゴスの風〜

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Yuko Matsuzaki, known for her masterpiece "Mother-Of-Pearl Box" which was released using piano, flute, and synthesizer that interested her in the 1980s. This imagination work was produced in 1994 for the environmental video "South American Version" after working overseas and providing music for commercials and fashion shows. Most of the tunes are original compositions, inspired by ancient people, various cultural backgrounds, traditional music, and longing for the unknown South American continent. The album contains 22 tracks, ranging from tunes that depict her typical shimmering and delicate soundscapes to electronic tunes with ethnic melodies. There is no doubt about this combination.


T2 - 白きワスカラン

T3 - プーヤ・ライモンディーの花

T4 - アマゾン"密林の詩"

T6 - ランソン神の呪文

T8 - インカ"古の水場"

T9 - マチュピチュ遺跡"夢の跡"

T12 - ガラパゴスの風

T14 - セラ・ダ・カピパラ"岩絵の幻想"

T18 - ポトシ"日沈みの谷間"

T21 - ウプサラ氷河"グラシアレス・ブルー"