Yuko Matsuzaki = 松崎裕子 – Mother-Of-Pearl Box = 螺鈿の箱

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Label:Peony Project


Used 2×LP Gatefold 1985

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs, not bad condition) w/insert

Private gem in 1985 by Yuko Matsuzaki, a female music writer who had been engaged in composing and arranging music with synthesizers, which she became interested in in the 1980s, in addition to playing the piano and flute. The album contains a glittering and delicate soundscape that combines the mysterious sounds of Japanese/ Oriental world, European elegance, modern classical, more, just as the title “Raden” which expresses a variety of colors, suggests. Total quality songwriting which gives a Western essence to the Japanese-style ambience is completely beyond the realm of independent production. Just impressive. Very limited, said to be 100 copies. This is our 3rd time in stock, guess it will be the last time...

ピアノ、フルートの演奏に加え80年代に興味を持ったシンセサイザーと共に作曲/編曲の仕事に従事していたという女流作家 松崎裕子が残した85年の自主制作盤。多様な色彩を表現する螺鈿とつくタイトル通りの和や東洋の神秘的な響き、ヨーロッパ的なエレガンス、モダンクラシカルなどが相まった煌びやかで繊細なサウンドスケープが収められています。奥ゆかしきアンビエンス感覚にも富んだ日本的でありながら西洋的なエッセンスを覗かせる楽曲のクオリティは自主制作の域を完全に飛び越えています。ただただ素晴らしい。100枚だけとも言われる超稀少盤。当店3度目の入荷ですがそろそろラストになってきそうな予感。。

A1 - Air Magic

A2 - From Within The Urn

A4 - Object 8

B3 - A Bientot!

C1 - Sleeping In A Peony

C2 - Secret In The Mother-Of-Pearl Box

D4 - Love That Flies To The Moon

Here's a YouTube link to a recording we made of it in about almost same condition