Yuko Matsuzaki = 松崎裕子 ‎– Mother-Of-Pearl Box = 螺鈿の箱

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Label:Peony Project (Private Press)


Used 2×LP 1985

Disc:VG+ (great shape only slight surface noise at especially quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (only slight scrubs on edge,totally clean copy) w/ 2 inserts (one insert has artist autograph)

Yuko Matsuzaki is a female musician who has been playing the piano, flute since she was a child and synthesizer since sround 1982, and has been known for her work as a freelance flutist and media-related music production. This is her self-release 2 vinyl album in 1985 that as the name Raden (mother-of-pearl) suggests, the soundscape is a direct result of the classical and delicate sounds of Japan and the Orient, the elegant European forms, and the modern interpretation of ambient/new age sensibilities that she depicts. Organic, ethnic, and spiritual music intersect in a wonderfully work that is hard to believe is an independent release.

幼少よりピアノ、フルートそして80年代からはシンセサイザーを演奏しフリーのフルーティストとしての肩書やメディア関係の音楽制作などでも知られる女流音楽家 松崎裕子が85年に自主制作でリリースしていた二枚組アルバム。螺鈿と名付けられている様に彼女の中で描かれる和や東洋のクラシカルで繊細な響き、ヨーロッパ的なエレガントなフォーム、現代的な解釈でいうアンビエント/ニューエイジ的感覚がそのまま飛び出してきたようなサウンドスケープが広がっています。オーガニック、エスニック、スピリチュアルが交差する自主盤とは思えない素晴らしい大作となっています。

A1 - Air Magic

A2 - From Within The Urn

A4 - Object 8

B3 - A Bientot!

C1 - Sleeping In A Peony

C2 - Secret In The Mother-Of-Pearl Box

D4 - Love That Flies To The Moon