Yukio Kondo & Chonwakan = 近藤由紀夫 & ちょんわかん – Alone

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Label:G & L Records (Private)


Used LP 1981

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+/VG (brown wear)

A private album in 1981, considered to be the early work of Yukio Kondo, who now works as a duo called MOKA☆, composing music for movies, TV dramas, and animated films. Co-produced with Kaoru Mori, who is known for creating TV commercial works in their hometown of Nagoya, this work showcases a variety of lovely independent sounds based on Roland Promars played by himself and the band sound. Among the best tracks are "Isadora" a dreamy home-recorded style pop tune with impressive TR-808 tone, ambient pop tune "El Sueño”, avant-pop "Feel So Fine" composed entirely of Promars and drums, mid-wave tune "Hold Me Tight" with its shimmering synths and drums. Handmade designed plain sleeve that appears to be a very small press.

現在はMOKA☆というデュオにて映画、TVドラマ、アニメの劇伴音楽などの手掛ける近藤由紀夫の初期作品と思われる81年の自主製作盤。地元名古屋でCM作成などで知られる森香との共同プロデュース作品で、自身の弾くRoland Promarsとバンドサウンドを軸に自主盤らしい愛らしいサウンドの数々を披露しています。中でもTR-808の音色も印象的な宅録的ドリーミーポップ”イサドラ”、アンビエント・ポップ”El Sueño”、Promarsとドラムのみで構成されるアヴァン・ポップ調の”Feel So Fine”、シンセ煌めくミッド・ウェーブ”Hold Me Tight”などは特にいい感じ。極小プレスと思われるお手製のデザインドスリーブ。

A1 - Feel So Fine

A4 - Hold Me Tight

B2 - イサドラ

B4 - El Sueño