Yuki Nakayamate = なかやまて由希 - Octopussy

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Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (hairline from A1 to A2, although it shows up in the sound a little, we have the impression that it is not that much to be concerned about, please check full audio samples of A1/A2, rest of tracks are fine)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear on right side of sleeve) w/obi,insert

The popular ’83 album by singer/SSW Yuki Nakayamate, who made her debut with a demo tape while working as an office worker, and ended her career after about four years due to illness, although she also participated in the chorus of Motoharu Sano. As you can see on the back of the obi, the work was produced with an awareness of the cutting-edge music of the time such as Grace Jones, composed by Kyohei Tsutsumi and arranged by Masahide Sakuma. The album is packed with great tunes, including the melancholy disco tune "Ange Blanc," the electric NW reggae  "3 -Trois-" the arban reggae type "Silhouette Call," the boogie type "A Top Model"

OLをしながらデモテープをきっかけにデヴューを飾り、佐野元春のコーラス隊などにも参加しながらも病にて約4年で活動を終えたシンガー/SSW なかやまて由希の83年の人気作。帯裏にも作品が紹介されている様にグレイス・ジョーンズなどの当時の先端音楽を意識して制作された作品で作曲は筒美京平、アレンジャーには佐久間正英が担当。哀愁漂うディスコチューン”Ange Blanc”、エレクトリック・NW・レゲエ3"-Trois-"、アーバン・和レゲエ”Silhouette Call”、ご機嫌なブギータイプ”A Top Model”を筆頭に素晴らしい楽曲が詰まっています。

A1 - Ange Blanc

A2 - 3-Trois-

A4 - Secrets (9 To 4)

B2 - Silhouette Call

B3 - A Top Model