Yuki Kuramoto = 倉本裕基 – Lake Misty-Blue = 愁湖

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Label:Jet Stream – JAR 1001


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise as silent record, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG (brown wears overall) w/obi(one wrinkle line), insert

One of the "Image" series of the Jet Stream label, which was operated by the airline company JAL at the time. Under the label's mission of "bringing ambitious up-and-coming artists from Japan and abroad to the world", pianist Yuki Kuramoto created a total of 14 compositions on the theme of "environmental music that is close to the image". To be honest, many of these kind works are often boring, but the dynamism, melancholy chords, and penetrating power of his compositions are very impressive and somehow moving. A piece that we hope you will take the time to listen to.

航空会社JALが当時手掛けていたレーベルJet Stream閣下の”Image”シリーズの一枚。レーベルが掲げた「意欲ある内外の新進アーティストを日本から世界へ」の元、当時34歳のピアニスト倉本裕基が”イメージに近い環境音楽”のテーマに沿って描いた全14の楽曲。この手の作品では飽きのくるものも正直多いですが、ダイナミズム、哀愁のコード、浸透力が結実したどこか心を動かすような楽曲構成が非常に印象的。是非じっくり向き合ってほしいなと思える素晴らしい一枚。

A2 - 霧のレイク・ルイーズI

A5 - 霧のレイク・ルイーズII

A7 - エピローグ

B1 - 海に寄せて

B3 - 風の詩

B5 - パリ・冬物語