Yuji Dan = 檀雄二 ‎– Town & Country

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Label:Climax Records


Used 12" 1983

Disc:VG+ (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (looks nice but some brown wears) w/round insert

One of two singles by SSW Yuji Dan, both of which have gained a cult following. It was used as a commercial song for the surf brand Town & Country. The A-side is the mid-breezy AOR "Town & Country", and the B-side light mellow tune "Night Breeze", which starts with the sound of wave and has a comfortable guitar tone. Great single. He still lives in Ibaraki and seems to be performing live.

SSW 檀雄二のどちらもカルト的な人気を得ている二枚のシングルの内の一枚。サーフブランドTown&Country社のCMソングとして起用された作品で、A面にはミッド・ブリージン・AOR”Town & Country”、B面には波の音から始まるギターの音色も涼し気なライト・メロー”Night Breeze”のダブルサイダー。最高ですね。現在も茨城在住にてライブなど行っている模様です。

A - Town & Country

B - Night Breeze