Yoshio Karashima = 辛島宜夫 ‎– Ordos = 風の奇想曲

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Label:King Records 


Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

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An album released in 1982 by Yoshio Karashima, who is famous as an astrologist in Japan and has a side as a musician alongside abstract painters and object writers.The first two songs on A-side that improvised sound of a desolate scene near the border between China and Mongolia who lived during the war obtained from reminiscence of his father's story, the other songs also sounded inspired by the sound of wind heard on the plains of China that they experienced during their adolescence.In modern style, sounds like New Age or Neo balearic. it was performed with the synthesizer at the core with such an image "The wind is the music itself, the wind is the music, the music is the wind," he said. A collection of sound sources that live with his sense of gentle but ”lonely” atmosphere. Amazing.


A1 - Sadden Windy (The Thunder Cloud)

A2 - Sacrifice Of Praise With The Wind

A4 - A Bird Of Passage

B1 - Go On A Pilgrimage

B4 - At The Foot Of The Sandhill