Yon Seokwon ‎– The Mermaid

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Label:Oasis Records

Country:South Korea

Used LP 1991


Jacket:VG+/VG (has scrubs,trace of tape,drill hole,stamp,red marking【please make sure photos on our site】)

An exquisite disc that can be claimed to be one of the best in Korean records that have recently been excavated, including a highly transparent New Age/Ambient track as the title called Mermaid by Korean mysterious musician Yon Seokwon.Audio sample is New Age Balearic A1, as if it makes you feel as if you are swimming elegantly in the water attached with a mermaid,a chord with a transparent feeling progressing along with drums and various instruments A4, strange B1 that wraps up a balearic sensation with a rhythmic rhythm and a piano tone is also interesting because of the unexpected development of the song.

韓国のミステリアスな音楽家Yon Seokwonによるマーメイドと名付けられたタイトル通りの透明度の高いNew Age/Ambientトラックを収録した最近発掘が進む韓国レコードでも指折りと断言できる絶品盤。視聴は人魚とつけられた水中を優雅に泳いでるかのような気持ちにさせてくれるかのようなNew Age Balearic A1,ドラムや様々な楽器などと共に透明感あるコードが進行していくA4、変拍子なリズム感とピアノの音色と共にバレアリックな感覚が包み込むB1も意外になさそうな曲展開で面白いです。