Yoko Nishigori = 西郡よう子 – My Name Is Yoko

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Label:Eastworld – EWS-91003


Used LP 1980 Promo

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight scuffs/wears, damage on the side of sleeve, not bad condition) w/obi,insert

Fukuoka-born singer Yoko Nishigori's first album. She has won prizes in competitions since she was a child, and after this album, she has turned into a jazz singer. Akira Inoue, Kingo Hamada, and Ken Muraoka have worked on exquisite composition and arrangement for her singing ability, making it a quality work. The A-side, "Escort" a mellow ballad with an interesting combination of Japanese instruments, gorgeous urban funk tune "Futari", Akira Inoue ship-like arrangement of "Satsukiame",  jazz-funk tune "All Is Loneliness" arranged by Ken Muraoka are particularly immpressive. Higely recommended.

福岡出身の歌手 西郡よう子のファーストアルバム。幼い頃からコンクールでの入賞、この作品以後もジャズシンガーへと転身するなどその歌唱力に井上艦、浜田金吾、村岡建が絶妙な作編曲を手掛けたクオリティの高い作品となっています。とりわけA面の和楽器との組み合わせが面白いメロウ・バラード”エスコート”、極上のアーバン・ファンク”二人”、井上艦アレンジのらしい”五月雨”、村岡建アレンジのジャズ・ファンク調”All Is Loneliness”は素晴らしい。推薦盤。

A1 - 五月雨

A2 - 振り向けば また

A3 - エスコート

A4 - 二人

A5 - All Is Loneliness

B4 - 風に吹かれて