Yasunori Sōryō = 惣領泰則 – Dream Of Gauguin ~Tahiti And His Dream Islands~

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Label:Vap – 30224-28


Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear) w/obi (little cut on bottom part), insert

One of the E.S.O.P. (Effective Sounds On Purpose) series born from the idea of choosing music according to the type of leisure proposed by the Vap label as a new trend in BGM, produced by Yasunori Soryo, a composer who left achievements in the United States. This album features resort music inspired by the colorful paintings of French artist Paul Gauguin who spent in Tahiti his later years. Starting with imaginal track, "Maltinic Island", followed by brassy "Fatata Te Miti", “Sound Of Tahiti” with plenty of resort feeling and interesting "Make A Wish" with odd rhythm and beautiful vocals, the album is a complete delight, Also recommended for those who like Takashi Kokubo sound.

アメリカでも多くの足跡を残した作曲家 惣領泰則が手掛けた、VapレーベルがBGMのニュートレンドとして提唱したレジャーの種類に合わせて音楽を選ぶという発想から生まれたE.S.O.P. (Effectual Sounds On Purpose) シリーズの一枚。本作では惣領がフランスの画家Paul Gauguinが晩年を過ごしたタヒチにて描いた色彩豊かな絵画にインスパイアされて制作したリゾート・ミュージックが収められています。イマジナリーなオープニング曲”Maltinic Island”に始まり、ブリージンな”Fatata Te Miti”、リゾート感たっぷりの”Sound Of Tahiti”、変拍子のリズムと美しいヴォーカルが面白い”Make A Wish”など全編楽しめる内容となっています。小久保隆などが好きな方にもオススメ。

A1 - Maltinic Island

A2 - Fatata Te Miti

B1 - Sound Of Tahiti

B3 - Make A Wish