Yasuaki Shimizu = 清水靖晃 ‎– IQ 179 - The Nervous Subversive Activities Prevention Law

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Label:B&M ‎– YF-7027-B


Used LP 1981

Disc:VG+/EX (good shape)

Jacket:VG+/EX (clean) w/insert,obi 

Yasuaki Shimizu, whose avant-garde sound production has been supported over time, such as various famous productions, Mariah, and activities as a saxophonist, began to incorporate new wave sounds in 1981. The album is full of surprises such as A1 "Crow," A3 "Hako," B2 "IQ-179," which is experimental and shows the diversity of music, A2 "Lizard", A4 "Doll Play I", which are new wave songs connected to Mariah.

様々な名プロダクションの数々、マライア、サックス奏者としての活動など時代を超えてその前衛的なサウンドプロダクションが支持される清水靖晃がニューウェーブ的なサウンドを取り入れ始めた81年作。A1”Crow”,A3”Hako”,B2"IQ-179"など実験的で音楽の多様性が垣間見れる曲や、マライアに繋がるニューウェーブ的なA2"Lizard"やA4”Doll Play I”など聞くたびに驚かされる曲ばかり。

A1 - Crow

A2 - Lizard

A4 - Doll Play I

A5 - Puzzle 34

B2 - IQ-179

B4 - Doll Play II