Yasuaki Shimizu = 清水靖晃 ‎– Kakashi = 案山子

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Label:Better Days ‎– YF-7061-BD


Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+ (end of B1 has ultra slight pops from light scratch(please check audio sample),other tunes are great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light scrubs on left bottom part,slight wrinkle) w/insert,missing obi

One of the representative work of Yasuaki Shimizu, whose avant-garde sound production has been supported throughout the ages by various famous productions,Mariah, his activities as a saxophonist. The work seems to have been created with a desire to bring out the Japanese rhythms of Kayo-songs and enka, and the composition is layered with new wave-like beats and scales. A2/B2 are the representative tunes, but we would like you to listen to them through and enjoy the world view.


A1 - 睡蓮

A2 - 案山子

B1 - 夢では

End of B1 part 

B2 - 海の上から

B3 - 美しき天然