Yanomami ‎– Hekura - Yanomamo Shamanism From Southern Venezuela

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Label:Quartz Publications


Used LP 1980

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The Yanomami tribe is distributed near the border between Brazil and Venezuela, where various rituals are said to exist, such as roasting the ashes of the dead into powder and inviting neighboring villages to a grand feast. This piece is a record of the rituals of the Yanomami, a tribe of shamans who live in the south of Venezuela. Side A contains a trance ritual with six shamans surrounded by a sick person with a hallucinogen called "Ebene", and side B records a long shaman chant. There are no musical instruments played, but the sheer intensity of their performance is heart-breaking. An extremely valuable work that is truly avant-garde.


A sample 1

A sample 2

A sample 3

B sample 1

B sample 2