Yann Tomita = ヤン富田 – From Banzai Pipeline To Brain Wave Okey Dokey Mix For Relax Magazine

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Label:Tsunami Sound Constructions/Relax 


Used Flexi-disc 2001

Disc:VG+(looks perfect but due to the characteristics of Flexi-disc, there is a little noise)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear)

7-inch flexi-disc as an appendix to the 2001 special feature of Yann Tomita in the club culture magazine "REMIX", which was created by of course Japan's fancy musician Yann Tomita. The A-side features an organic healing tune that moves into an experimental part along with a voiceover in broken Japanese, while the B-side features a tune in which the sound of waves and computer programming blend together pleasantly. This B-side is especially recommended. It's a little fluffy because of the magazine's appendix. 


A - Surf Reports, Test Records, Part 1

B - Surf Reports, Test Records, Part 2