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Label:Not On Label - 33518


Used LP 1978

Disc:VG+ (dead stock copy,plyed few times, looks perfect but light surface noise at quiet part due to pressing)

Jacket:VG+ (clean)

Self-released album named 'Tone Poem' with his own instruments in 1978 by William Eaton, who is known as a world-famous stringed instrument craftsman. A collection of gentle sound sketches that depict the natural scenery of Arizona. The immersive sound image with many scenes is also wonderful.

世界的な弦楽器職人として知られるWilliam Eatonが"トーンポエム"と名付け自作の楽器で演奏した全18曲を収録した78年の自主制作盤。アリゾナの自然風景を描写して綴られた優しいサウンドスケッチ集。数々の情景が浮かんでくるイマージナルな音像も素晴らしいです。心を無にして晴れた日に聴きたいそんな一枚。

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