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Label:Alfa – ALR-28060


Used LP 1984

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’84 exotic lounge album by Water Melon Group, a separate project derived from Melon, which was started by Toshio Nakanishi after the breakup of Plastics. Yann Tomita, who was known as an experimental electronic musician at the time and Gota Yashiki of Mute Beat participated. The A-side features arranged tracks of famous exotica work by Les Baxter/Martin Denny and Hosono's "Hong Kong Blues", B-side features Yann Tomita composed the oriental exotica "The Gate Of Japonesia" with harp, shamisen, bell tree, etc. and ambient-flavored neo-lounge tune "On A Clear Day". A cool and refreshing summer masterpiece.

Plastics解散後の中西俊夫が始動したMelonから派生した別プロジェクトWater Melon Groupによる84年作。当時は実験的エレクトロニック・ミュージシャンとして知られていた ヤン富田やMute Beat屋敷豪太等が参加。Les BaxterやMartin Dennyによる往年のエキゾチカ名曲や細野晴臣”香港ブルース”のアレンジを収録したA面、ヤン富田が作曲を手掛けたハープ、三味線、ベルツリー等を使った東洋的エキゾチカ”The Gate Of Japonesia”やアンビエント風味のネオ・ラウンジ”On A Clear Day”のB面。ひんやり涼しい夏の大名作。

A4 - Jungle Flower

B1 - On A Clear Day

B4 - The Gate Of Japonesia