Vistas Fijas - S/T

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Label:Laudano ‎– 002


Used 7inch LP 1985

Disc:VG+/EX (has super light surface noise at quiet part,totally great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (about 0.5mm cut on right side of sleeve,slight wear on inside of sleeve) 

Rolando Chia, Armando Velazco and Carlo Salinas, three of Mexico City's most important underground musicians, have come together on Vistas Fijas' only 7-inch mini LP.First of all, the down tempo A2 "Gotas" that continues to emit a swaying and swaying sublime colors while sinking by Carlo Salinas, who also participated in the first work of the label、Rolando Chia&Armando Velazco both abstract side A4 "Arcano",B2"Sinfin"、B3 "Dias De Margarita" with its delicate but mournful guitars, also by Rolando Chia. Last stock.

Rolando Chia,Armando Velazco,Carlo Salinasのメキシコシティのアンダーグラウンド最重要人物三人が結集したVistas Fijasの唯一の7インチミニアルバム。まずはLaudano第一作でも参加していたCarlo Salinas手掛ける沈み込みながら煌びやかにゆらゆらと放ち続けるダウンテンポ的なA2”Gotas”、Rolando Chia,Armando Velazco両名のアブストラクトサイドA4"Arcano",B2"Sinfin"、Rolando Chia手掛ける繊細でもの悲しげなギターが揺らめくB3”Dias De Margarita”. この手の音はなかなか聴けないですね。最後のストックです。

A2 - Gotas

A4 - Arcano

B2 - Sinfin

B3 - Dias De Margarita