Vasilisk – Whirling Dervishes

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Label:Eskimo Records


Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs on bottom/side part) w/insert

The first album in 1987 by Vasilisk, which was founded by Tomosada Kuwahara, a member of the industrial noise band White Hospital after the band broke up, together with Yukio Nagoshi and Chiaki Kawahara. The album features unusual instruments such as African skin drums, flute, Tibetan percussion, ancestral voices, and the entire album is an experimental/tribal sound that pursues spirituality under the slogan "Musick for Liberation and Ecstacy" and is unlike any other Japanese artist's work. About 22 minutes of A-side divided into several parts, The B-side includes "Taksim", which is like listening to some kind of ritual, and ambient-type tune "Whole In The Sky". Limited edition of 300 original copies.

インダストリア ル・ノイズ・バンドWhite Hospital解散後、メンバーの桑原智禎が名越由貴夫、Kawahara Chiakiと共に立ち上げたVasiliskの87年のファーストアルバム。アフリカのスキンドラムやフルート、チベットのパーカッション、祖先の声など珍しい楽器などが使われ、「Musick for Liberation and Ecstacy」と掲げられた精神性を追求した日本人離れしたエクスペリメンタル/トライバル・サウンドを全編に収録。いくつものパートに別れた約22分のA面、どこかの儀式を聴いている様な”Taksim”、アンビエント曲”Whole In The Sky”を含むB面の構成。限定300部プレスのオリジナル。

A Sample 1

A Sample 2

A Sample 3

B3 - Cracking

B4 - Taksim

B6 - Whole In The Sky