Various ‎– Yen Manifold Vol. 1

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Label:Yen Records


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (clean)  w/2 inserts,obi (light wear),missing insert of Interior

A compilation of Yen records containing tracks by three artists, Koji Ueno, Interior, and Test pattern. On the A side, four Interior tracks are in, among synth-pop  "Miracle" with its delicate melody and vocal accents, and the techno-pop "D.T.T." with soft synth and jazz blend are particularly outstanding. The B-side includes "Negative Memorandum," an ensemble piece by Koji Ueno, one of YEN's leading artist that shows off his aesthetic, and "Ryugu" one of the most killer tunes of Test Pattern. Full of good tracks, many of which can only be heard on this album.

上野耕路、Interior、Testpatternの三組のアーティストの楽曲を収録したYen recordsのコンピレーション。A面にはInteriorの楽曲を4曲収録、中でも繊細なメロディとヴォーカルがアクセントのシンセポップ”Miracle”、柔らかいシンセとジャズが混じり合ったテクノポップ”D.T.T.”が秀逸。B面にはYENを代表するアーティストの1人上野耕路による彼の美学を感じるアンサンブル”負の覚書”、テストパターン屈指のキラー曲”Ryugu”を収録。この作品でのみ聴ける楽曲も多い良曲満載のコンピレーションです。

A2 - Interior - Miracle

A4 - Interior - D.T.T.

B3 - Koji Ueno 負の覚書

B4 - Testpattern - Ryugu