Various (Toshiyuki Honda,Mikio Masuda,Yoshiaki Masuo,Genji Sawai) – Wave

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Label:Electric Bird – K25P 6227


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+/VG (brown wear on back, slight scuffs) w/obi, missing insert

A piece from the Resort Music series created by Electric Bird label, featuring Toshiyuki Honda, Mikio Masuda, Yoshiaki Masuo, Genji Sawai, more. While incorporating the sound of waves, They are showing off a breezing sound based on jazz. A1/B4 composed by Toshiyuki Honda is especially great.

本多俊之、増田幹夫、増尾好秋、沢井原兒らが参加したElectric Birdが手掛けたResort Musicシリーズの一枚。波の音などを取り入れながらジャズをベースにしたブリージンなサウンドを披露しています。本多俊之作曲のA1/B4は特に最高です。

A1 - Burning Waves

B1 - Sailing Wonder

B2 - Funky Surf