Various – Shizukahitori = 静一人

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Label:Not On Label – T5LP-01


Used LP 1987

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Shizuka Sonoda, after moving to Tokyo in 1967, opened Club Sukiyabashi, which became known as a place where many cultural figures visited and this is a self-produced album that was made into a record in 1987 after a song she wrote for an event was well received. It includes a variety of Kayo- song, enka, pop song, etc, written and composed by Sonoda and sung by everyone from ordinary customers to Saito Takao known as the author of Golgo 13. A "rare" album that contains good songs that are not only worthy of your liking, such as the city pop style A1/B2, the synth-kayo song B4 "Ai No Chizu" in which Takao Saito showed off his beautiful voice, and the melancholy ballad B6 "Furin Otona Koi" sung by Yumi Kato. with special jacket and booklet.

園田静香、67年の上京後にクラブ数寄屋橋を開店し多くの文化人が訪れる場所として知られるようになりながら、自作のイベント曲が好評だった事をきっかけに87年にレコード化されたという自主制作盤。作詩・作曲を園田が手掛け一般の客~故さいとう・たかおまでが歌う歌謡曲、演歌、ポップスなど収録。シティポップ調のA1/B2、さいとう・たかおが美声を披露したシンセ歌謡”愛の地図”、加藤由美歌う哀愁バラード”不倫 大人恋”などなかなかカルトですがバラエティ豊かな味わいのあるアルバム。豪華なブックレットも必見。

A1 - 笠井由里 – 秋心

A5 - 三木光 – Fishing

B2 - 沢井はるみ – 女上手

B4 - さいとうたかを – 愛の地図

B6 - 加藤由美 – 不倫 大人恋

B7 - 青山和子 –