Various ‎– Música Electroacústica Mexicana

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Label:Centro Independiente De Investigaciones Musicales Y Multimedia (CIIMM) ‎– 84


Used LP 1984

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel slight surface noise as quiet/delicate record)

Jacket:VG+/VG (plastic sleeve has split on left side(please check photos),totally clean only split) w/insert

Avant-garde electronic music compilation released in 1984 by four unknown Mexican artists.From the works of the Spanish electronic musicians Horacio Vaggione and Eduardo Polonio in the 70's, it is not surprising that such music also occurs in Mexico,but it is surprising that this was released three years ago, considering that the first work of the electronic music series "Musica Electroacustica Española", also spanning the Spanish trilogy, was announced in 1987.Guess that there was a similar trend in the electronic music world like there was interaction between Suso Saiz and Jorge Reyes.Audio sample is Antonio Russek's A1 that showed delicate avant-garde electronics like glasswork from pulse-like particle sounds,A2 by Raúl Pavón, a magnificent twisting sound ocean fused with electron particles that are likely to be highlights,Mysterious electronic sounds dominate Roberto Morales' B1. It is a piece of great fulfillment.

メキシコ人アーティストやエンジニア四名による84年の電子音楽コンピレーション。無名ながらも各アーティストはその世界では知られる人物のようで、まずはメキシコ電子音楽の先駆者Raúl Pavónによる電子の粒子に壮大な捻じれる音海原が融合したような”Fantasía Cosmica”、パルスの様な粒子飛び交う音からガラス細工のような繊細なアヴァンギャルドエレクトロニクスを披露したこのコンピレーションの仕掛け人Antonio Russekによる”Para Espacios Abiertos”、ミステリアスな電子の粒子が現れては消え、最後は暴走気味な展開を見せるRoberto Moralesによる”Agua Derramada”など非常に濃密な電子音楽集。特殊スリーブの非常に凝った作りも素晴らしいです。

A1 - Antonio Russek - Para Espacios Abiertos

A2 - Raúl Pavón - Fantasía Cosmica

B1 - Roberto Morales - Agua Derramada