Various – Mien Nam Quê Huong Ta Oi!

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Label:Dihavina – NMS 0002


Used LP 1979

Disc:VG+ (light surface noise, good shape as vintage record)

Jacket:VG+ (soft paper sleeve, light wear)

A collection of violin and piano instrumentals released on Dihavina, a Vietnamese state-owned label that has been in operation since before reunification. Sound space where the graceful sound of orchestral spreading and the tense atmosphere coexist, and we don't know if this is what they are aiming for, but it's a little different with the strained performance. Especially recommend to listen from B2 "Vinh Lai - Native Country Younger Sister" where the passionate performance of both sides stands out, and A2 "Huy Du - Oh The South, My Native Country" where the beautiful and dynamic sound gradually spreads.

統一前から運営がされていたベトナムの国営レーベルDihavinaからリリースのヴァイオリンとピアノによるインスト集。オーケストラ編成の広がるような優雅なサウンドと緊迫した空気感が同居した音響空間に狙っているのかわかりませんがストレンジな演奏が加わり少し変わってます。双方の熱のこもった演奏が際立つB2”Vinh Lai – Native Country Younger Sister",美しく躍動感のあるサウンドが徐々に広がっていくA2”Huy Du – Oh The South, My Native Country"から聞いてみて下さい。

A2 -  Huy Du – Oh The South, My Native Country

A3 - Đàm Linh – Hawh's Song

B2 - Vinh Lai – Native Country Younger Sister