Various – Grito En El Cielo

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Used Cassette 1991

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Under the direction of Leda Valladares, a musicologist known for her master work "Folklore De Rancho" this 1988 compilation features music inspired by the traditions of northwestern Argentina in the foothills of the Andes. A total of 24 songs were created with the participation of 100 singers, various ethnic instruments, and famous artists such as Pedro Aznar, Fito Páez, Liliana Herrero, Federico Moura (ex:Virus), Fabiana Cantilo, etc. A total conceptual work that is overwhelmed by the human power of the songs and the sacred atmosphere that seems to be inhabited by the soul. This is the cassette version reissued on Melopea by Litto Nebbia in 1991.

名作”Folklore De Rancho”で知られる音楽学者としての顔も持つLeda Valladares監修の元、アンデスのふもとアルゼンチン北西部由来の伝統にインスピレーションを得た楽曲を収録した88年のコンピレーション。100人の歌い手、様々な民族楽器、Pedro Aznar,Fito Páez,Liliana Herrero,Federico Moura(ex:Virus),Fabiana Cantiloなどの著名アーティストが参加して作り上げられた全24曲を収録。魂が宿ったかのような神聖な空気感、歌の持つヒューマンパワーに圧倒されるトータルコンセプチュアルな作品。こちらは91年にLitto NebbiaのMelopeaからの再発カセット版。カセットの味のあるサウンドとも相性いいです。

A3 - Fito Paez Y Comparsa – Dicen Que El Mundo Es Redondo

A4 - Liliana Herrero, Leda Valladares – Esa Fulanita

A8 - Isidora Alvarez– Bagualas De Tucuman

A12 - Federico Moura, Daniel Sbarra– A Mi Me Dicen El Tonto

B1 - Pedro Aznar – Baguala De Tucuman

B2 - Bagualas Leda Valladares, Roberto Catarineu– Vidala De La Rioja

B3 - Fabiana Cantilo, Fito Páez– Cuando Eras Moza Soltera

All these samples from Original LP