Various – Case Of Telegraph Product 1

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Label:Telegraph Records – TG-019


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear, some tears on left side of sleeve) w/insert

A compilation album by Telegraph Records, a leading indie label that has produced such unique artists as Katra Turana, Non Band, Sukisuki Switch. We particulary recommend So-Do, a four-piece band formed in Nagano and still active there, Chiko-Hige's improvisation track, Pineapple 4.9's No Wave track, and Concretes' "Beer Terrace" with a mysterious floating feeling. Nice compilation.

Katra Turana,Non Band,すきすきスウィッチなど個性的なアーティストを輩出したインデーズを代表する Telegraph Recordsのコンピレーションアルバム。当店的には長野で結成され現在も活動を続ける4人組実力派バンドSo-Do、Chiko-Higeの即興曲、Pineapple 4.9のNo Wave曲、大所帯ニューウェーヴバンドConcretesの不思議な浮遊感を持った”ビアテラス”は中でもオススメ。

A3 - So-Do – Hashiru

A4 - Chiko Hige – Tubu / チコ・ヒゲ

B3 - Pineapple 4.9 – ふるえる◯×△

B4 - Concretes– ビアテラス