Various - Candombe

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Used LP 1980

Disc:VG+/VG (A2 has pops on middle part(available audio sample), other tunes are good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight scuffs, small sticker on back, totally great condition)

A compilation album on the theme of Candombé, the symbol of Musica Uruguayo. Familiar musicians such as Ruben Rada, Jorge Trasante, Dogliotti are lined up. Among them, "Don Pascual" a cover of El Kinto sung by Gastón Ciarlo aka Dino, which has an atmosphere from the gentle performance of Candombe at the beginning,  Carlos Benavides who is also known as a member of "Grupo de Tacuarembó" who promoted popular songs as a means of resistance during the dictatorship era, sings "Elogio Del Tambor" involving guitar and candombe, and "Llamada Del Sur" a beautiful number by Lonjas Del Cuareim, which starts with a guitar solo and then slowly comes candomblé and singing part. Would like to focus on a group of folky-type tunes. The description of the history of Candombé, which was handed down during the slave era, and the photos of the festival on the gatefold sleeve are also amazing.

ムジカ・ウルグアイヨの象徴カンドンベをテーマにしたコンピレーションアルバム。Ruben Rada,Jorge Trasante,Dogliottiなどお馴染みの面々が並びます。中でも、冒頭のカンドンベの緩やかな演奏から雰囲気が漂うGastón Ciarlo a.k.a. Dinoの歌うEl Kintoのカバー”Don Pascual”、独裁政権の時代に抵抗の手段として大衆歌謡を推進した「Grupo de Tacuarembó」のメンバーとしても知られるCarlos Benavidesが歌いギターとカンドンベが絡む"Elogio Del Tambor"、ギターソロからゆったりとカンドンベと歌が入ってくる美しいLonjas Del Cuareimによるナンバー”Llamada Del Sur”などフォーキーな曲群に注目したいところ。奴隷時代に伝わったカンドンベの歴史の記述と見開きジャケの祭りの写真も素晴らしいです。

A2 - Omar Romano - Rosa Luna

A3 - Carlos Benavides - Elogio Del Tambor

A5 - Dino - Don Pascual

B4 - Larbanois/Carrero - Maria Mele

B5 - Rada - Las Manzanas