Various - Awa 沫 Foam

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Label:Ylem – YDL-0000


Used 2×LP 1981 

Disc:VG+ (few visible hairlines not affect to sound, both disc plays great)

Jacket:VG+ (one original inner sleeve has seam split/tears part/some wears, one more sleeve has light wear, 2 insets are nice condition, outer brown paper bag has little tear part/light wears, totally not bad condition, check pictures) No cassette indexes, chewing gum

Historical compilation by YLEM, an art group that adventurously discovered unknown artists and had legendary activities. Produced by EP-4 Kaoru Sato and GAP Suguru Soga, it features 22 tracks by the deepest underground artists/groups who were active mainly (but not exclusively) in eastern Japan, as opposed to Vanity in the west. The completeness of each track, the aesthetics, and the attention to detail that can be seen in every corner, the strongest work of its kind you'll ever come across in the world at large. 

冒険的に未知なるアーティストを発掘し伝説的な活動を行っていたアート集団YLEM(イーレム)が残した歴史的コンピレーション。EP-4佐藤薫とGAP曽我傑によるプロデュースの元、西のVanityに対抗するように東日本を中心に活動していた(それだけではないですがラベルにはMADE IN TOKYOと記されています)最深鋭の地下アーティスト/グループによる22曲を収録。一曲一曲の充実度、美学、隅々に見て取れるこだわりまで世界広しと言え、ここまでのモノは出会えないであろう最強の作品。