Various - Adempu Canta Vol.1

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Label:RCA - LPUS 431


Used LP 1984

Disc:VG+ (surface noise/pops at some part,totally good condition)

Jacket:VG+ (scrubs/light wear/two punch hole on right bottom part,strongly not bad condition) 

A compilation of live recordings of Uruguay with the participation of Travesia, Pippo Spera, Rumbo, Mariana Garcia Vigil and others. In particular, A2 by Travesia with Jaime Roos and Hugo Jasa backing the band, Mercedes Sosa/Milton Nascimento song covered by Pippo Spera with a beautiful guitar solo A5, and B4 by Tacuruses with Yamanda Perez on percussion, are worth listening to. A valuable piece that shows the situation at that time.

Travesia,Pippo Spera,Rumbo,Mariana Garcia Vigilなどが参加したウルグアイのライブ音源を収録したコンピレーション。特にJaime Roos,Hugo Jasaがバックを支える演奏を記録したTravesiaのA2、Mercedes Sosa/Milton Nascimentoの楽曲をPippo Speraが美しいギターの引き語りでカバーしたA5、Yamanda Perezがパーカッションで参加したTacurusesの楽曲B4辺りが聴き所。当時の様子がうかがい知れる貴重な一枚。

A2 - Hugo Trova - Por Esta Calle

A3 - Travesía - Biromes y Servilletas

A4 - Alfredo Zitarrosa - Pa'l Que Se Va

A5 - Pippo Spera - San Vincente

B4 - Tacuruses - Suenos De Un Mismo Color