Various – 1º Festibar

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Label:Rimadiscos – 001


Used LP 1988

Disc:VG+ (slight surface noise at mainly quiet part, good shape overall)

Jacket:VG (ring wear, creases/wrinkles, little tear part on bottom)

This is a compilation album from 1988 features a festival held in Porto Alegre. According to the description on the back of the album, it seems to be a collection of performances by interpreters associated with banks, public organizations, corporations. However, it’s hard to believe that these are amateur musicians. It's a typical project, but the content has epic quality include opening track melancholy folky number “Anatomia Brejeira,” followed by the jazzy MPB “Canto De Quintal,” the exquisite and rhythmically swinging MPB number ”Etc E Tal”, synth jazz like "Contratempo" with experimental atmosphere, and unique mellow samba tune "Falso Retrato". Think unknown piece.

ブラジル南に位置するポルトアレグレで行われたフェスティバルの模様を収めた88年のコンピレーションアルバム。裏面の説明によると、銀行、公共団体、企業に関係する演奏者の楽曲を集めた企画のようです(翻訳間違っているかもしれません)。しかしながらアマチュアミュージシャンとはにわかに信じがたい楽曲群を収録。まず哀愁を誘うフォーキーナンバー”Anatomia Brejeira”にはじまり、ジャジーMPB”Canto De Quintal”、絶妙にリズミカルに揺れるMPBナンバー”Etc E Tal”、エクスペリメンタルな雰囲気漂うシンセ・ジャズ的”Contratempo”、しっとりとしたサンバ歌謡”Falso Retrato”を筆頭にした全11曲。よくある企画モノですがクオリティを感じさせる内容になっています。音楽大国ブラジルを物語る知られざる一枚。

A1 - Sílvia, Cau E Lone – Anatomia Brejeira

A2 - Grupo Trajetória Spin – Canto De Quintal

A3 - Alexandre Guterres – Antes Que A Chuva Caia

A4 - Gisela, Andréa E Janice – Etc E Tal

B2 - Renato Guimarães – Contratempo

B3 - Tânia Mara – Falso Retrato