Variètè – Souvenir

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Label:Kitchen Records – DANCE 1


Used 8" 1982

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+/EX (light wrinkles, totally good condition)

First mini-album by Variètè, a male-female duo consisting of Ryuichi Hikoh and Toko Anjo. The album features five tracks of electro-pop with an exquisite atmosphere that exudes a distorted and whimsical air. First of all, last track of A-side "Mangetsu Photo Studio", where the beat enters from the beginning, with a vaguely dreamy feeling of floating, and Includes two B-sides, the girlish synth pop "Angelic Alice" and the eccentric obscure track "Good-Night Age". Feel thier good sence.

日香隆一と安城陶子による男女デュオVariètèのファーストミニアルバム。歪んだ気まぐれな空気感を醸し出したような絶妙な空気感のエレクトロ・ポップを中心にした5曲を収録。まずA面ラストのぼんやり夢心地な浮遊感が気持ちいい冒頭からビートが入ってくる”満月写真館”、乙女ちっくなシンセポップ”Angelic Alice”、奇抜さを持ったオブスキュア・トラック”Good-Night Age”の2曲をB面二収録。めっちゃセンスいいです。

Fell A side 

B1 - Angelic Alice

B2 - Good-Night Age