Vânia Bastos – Canta Mais

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Label:Velas – 11-V022.1


Used LP 1994

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears/stains, not bad condition) w/insert

1994 relase work by Vânia Bastos, a singer who is also connected to Sao Paulo's experimental scene such as Arrigo Barnabé and Itamar Assumpção. The A-side includes a cover of Sade's timeless classic "The Sweetest Taboo," Ivan Lins's "Clareou," and the São Paulo-school-inspired "Doce Ato". The B-side is mainly mellow/urban type tunes arranged by Eduardo Gudin including the saudade tropical "O Relógio "El Reloj"" and João Bosco's cover of "Senhoras Do Amazonas". Amazing content woven by beautiful vocals and sophisticated arrangements on both sides.

ブラジルの奇才Arrigo BarnabéやItamar Assumpçãoなどサンパウロの実験シーンにもコネクトするシンガーVânia Bastosの94年作。A面にはSade永遠の名曲”The Sweetest Taboo"のカバー、Ivan Linsの楽曲”Clareou”、サンパウロ派を思わせる”Doce Ato”を収録。B面は主にEduardo Gudinがアレンジメントを手掛けたサウダージ・トロピカル”O Relógio "El Reloj"”、João Boscoのカバー”Senhoras Do Amazonas”を筆頭にしたメロー/アーバンな楽曲を中心に収録。両面ともに美しいヴォーカルと洗練されたアレンジメントが織り成す素晴らしい内容。レコードでリリースされていてよかった。

A2 - Clareou

A3 - Tabu "The Sweetest Taboo"

A4 - Doce Ato

B2 - O Relógio "El Reloj"

B3 - Senhoras do Amazonas