V.A - もしも裸でシャンソンを唄ったら

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Label:Not On Label - FL-6039


Used LP 19XX

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The izakaya "Sentakubune" is located in Tenjin, Fukuoka, and is known for its unique appearance, and It's still open today and hosts chanson live performances on weekends. This work records the songs of those performers, although release dates are unknown. They performed songs reminiscent of street corner chansons, along with some original songs. In particularly, Kanna Kimura's "Nemurenumama'' which gives off a unique atmosphere accented with electronic sounds, the cheerful rhythmic chanson "Falling Snow" and the slow jazzy chanson number "Kugatsu No Tsuki" are recommended. self-released album that gives you the impression that the quality of the performance is not bad.


A3 - 眠れぬまま

A5 - 雨の中州

B2 - 降りつむ雪

B4 - 九月の月