Trio Roberto Lar – Suite Santa Isabel

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Used LP 1971 Gatefold

Disc:VG+ (light surface noise at mainly quiet part, good quality as novelty like record)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs, corner bump, not bad condition overall)

This novelty record was produced to showcase the scale and strength of the industrial complex of the car manufacturer Renault, which was said to be the most integrated in South America at the time. Produced by Roberto Lar on piano, Alfredo Remus on double bass, and Osvaldo Lopes on drums. The standout track is "improvisciones sobre el audio simbolo IKA Renault," which features a tight jazz groove improvised by Alfredo Remus, who has also left behind master solo works. It is always blissful to hear that sound that seems to show the groove. The suite of changing developments throughout the A-side is not bad either.

当時、南米で最も統合されたものであったという自動車メーカーRENAULTの工業団地の規模と強さを示すために制作されたノヴェリティ的レコード。プロデュース/ピアノをLa Pesadaの一員でもあったRoberto Lar、コントラバスをAlfredo Remus、ドラムをOsvaldo Lopesによるトリオ構成。やはり飛びぬけているのがソロ作でも傑作を残すAlfredo Remusによる即興によってタイトなジャズグルーヴを奏でる”improvisciones sobre el audio simbolo IKA Renault”。グルーヴの筋が見えるような旋律を聞けるのはいつでも至福。A面いっぱいに収録の展開を変化させていく組曲も悪くないです。

A - Roberto Lar – Suite Santa Isabel

B2 - Alfredo Remus – improvisciones sobre el audio simbolo IKA Renault