Total Art Of Percussion – S.T.

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Label:RA.SH – RA.SH LP 1003


Used LP 1982

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Martin Hesselbach, an exceptional percussionist who taught himself percussion and has been involved in a wide variety of projects to this day while also serving as a lecturer in Düsseldorf for many years. This is the only album by Total Art Of Percussion, which he formed in 1982. Total 8 tracks are crossover that combines tradition and modernity and incorporates complex rhythms from around the world. The labyrinthine structure, reminiscent of Steve Shehan's, is even more convincing. Wonderful piece.

独学にてパーカッションを学び、現在まで多種多様なプロジェクトに参加しながらデュセルドルフでは長年講師を務めている異能パーカッショ二ストMartin Hesselbach。本作は82年に中心となり結成されたTotal Art Of Percussionによる唯一作。伝統と現代を結び付け、世界の複合リズムを取り入れたクロスオーヴァーサウンド全8曲。Steve Shehanのような迷宮的な構成も一層説得力を増しています。素晴らしいです。

A3 - Bata Y Rumba-Guaguanco

A4 - Wuhan Wuchang

B1 - Luco

B2 - Kekalimba

B3 - Afro Cuban Revelation