Toshiki Kadomatsu = 角松敏生 – Reasons For Thousand Lovers (Special Selected 4 Songs)

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Label:Om – HRTD-1010


Used 12" Promo 1989



Promo only 12" from the album "Reasons For Thousand Lovers" released in 1989, which is particularly difficult to obtain even for Kadomatsu's work due to its late release. Contains 4 mid-tempo songs, including our shop's favorite "Ameiro no Machi" and "OKINAWA" which incorporates Ryukyu rhythms. An adult urban fusion tunes that you should definitely listen to after passing the early works. Extremely hard to find.

レイトリリースもあり角松作品でも特に入手困難となっている89年リリースのアルバム”Reasons For Thousand Lovers”からのプロモオンリー12”。当店フェイバリット”飴色の街”、琉球のリズムを取り込んだ”OKINAWA”含むミッドテンポな4曲を収録。初期作を通過してから是非耳を傾けて欲しい大人のアーバンフュージョンチューン。

A1 - 飴色の街

A2 - Polar


B2 - Moonlight Tokyo Bay