Tony Plaza Band ‎– The Gallop In Love / Black Hole

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Label:M E A


Used 7" 19XX

Disc:VG+ (light surface noise,plays great)

Jacket:VG+ (light scrubs)

Giuseppe Aleo and Luigi Mosello, members of the spacey prog band I Signori Della Galassia and also known that there are a super hard to find co-production. This is a private wired disco 7" with a mixture of progressive, cosmic, and abstract that seems to have been created by these two man. First B-side "Black Hole", which based on the kick of the drum and changes from a spacey start to exchange of percussion instruments that are extremely abstract, and second half of the tune changes to a Cosmic Disco style. On the other A-side is "The Gallop In Love," a spacey abstract human-beated boogie type tune with fully organic feel. Just amazing!

スペイシー・プログレ・バンドI Signori Della GalassiaのメンバーGiuseppe AleoとLuigi Mosello、超入手困難な共作の存在も知られる二人が手掛けたと思われるプログレ、コズミック、アブストラクトな要素が混じり合ったプライベート・ワイヤード・ディスコ7"。まずB面のドラムのキックを下地にスペーシーな出だしからアブストラクト極まりない打楽器の応酬を経てコズミック・ディスコ風に変化する"Black Hole"、対してA面はオーガニック感覚にも富んだスペーシー・アブストラクト・人力ブギー”The Gallop In Love”を収録。長年探していた一枚ようやく確保できました。

A - The Gallop In Love

B - Black Hole