Tomoyuki Okada Percussion Ensemble = 岡田知之打楽器合奏団 ‎– The Four Seasons In Resonance = 響の四季

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Used LP 1983

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A piece composed by the contemporary musician Yoshihiro Kanno, who wants to respond to the message of the changing seasons and the time that never stops with the word "music" as the title of "12 months of Japanese spelling". Performed by a percussion ensemble led by Tomoyuki Okada. It is a work that you can enjoy the feelings of the four seasons together with the percussion instrument from the songs full of experimental characteristics to the quiet songs.

”打楽器で綴る日本の12ヶ月”と題してある様に現代音楽家 菅野由弘が季節の移ろい、停止する事のない時間のメッセージに音楽という言葉で返事をしたい思いから作曲された作品。演奏は岡田知之率いる打楽器合奏団。実験性溢れる曲から静観な曲まで四季折々の情感を打楽器と共に楽しめる作品となっています。

1月 - January - Silver Storm Illusion

3月 - March - The Insect Awakening

4月 - April - Mirage

6月 - June - Rainbow Fossil

8月 - August - Song Of The Jellyfish