Tom Sorahan - Such A Surprise

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Label:Sorahan – JHEPS.169


Used 7" 1975

Disc:EX (looks new, probably dead stock copy, only few times playing)


Private single from the enigmatic English SSW Tom Sorahan from 1975. Produced by Steve Bywaters, who has worked on many rock works. The highlight is “With His Siller In His Hand” a trippy folk rock track that swings mellifluously with a pastoral feel. This tune exudes an exquisite atmosphere. The nostalgic “These Blue Moments” is another highlight. A cult one!

謎多き英人SSW Tom Sorahanが残した75年のプライベートシングル。プロデュースを多くのロック作品を手掛けるSteve Bywatersが担当しながら小気味いい楽曲を収録しています。中でも注目は牧歌的な雰囲気を漂わせながらメロウに揺れるトリッピー感覚なフォークロック”With His Siller In His Hand”がハイライト。この絶妙な空気感がたまらない最高の一曲。他にもノスタルジックな”These Blue Moments”を収録。カルト的に知られたシングルです。

A - Such A Surprise

B1 - With His Siller In His Hand

B2 - These Blue Moments