Tokyo Ensemble Lab – Breath From The Season

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Label:Om – M28L-1002


Used LP 1988

Disc:NM (perfect shape)

Jacket:NM (in shrink, super clean) w/insert, hype sticker obi

The only work of Tokyo Ensemble Lab, a big band formed under Toshiki Kadomatsu's idea of "a full band that can dance at a disco". In addition to Toshio Kadomatsu and Susumu Kazuhara, Nobuyuki Shimizu, Norio Maeda, Shiro Sagisu, Nobu Saito, Shuichi Murakami, Hiroshi Sato, Hideo Ichikawa, and Fujimaru Yoshino participated in this big project. The album features from groovy tunes such as "Lady Ocean" which seems to have been inspired by Kadomatsu's previous year's "Sea is Lady," and the gorgeous popular tune "Nica's Dream", to melancholy "Nobody Can Do It -Aishu No Nini" and Nobuyuki Shimizu's immersive instrumental "Angel Flight -Like An Angel"  all performed by top-notch players, all of which are full of exuberance. Perfect for a summer drive.

「ディスコで踊れるフルバンド」という角松敏生考案の元、結成されたビッグ・バンドTokyo Ensemble Labの唯一作。中心の角松敏生、数原晋の他にも清水信之、前田憲男、鷺巣詩郎、斎藤ノブ、村上秀一、佐藤博、市川秀男、芳野藤丸などが参加したビッグプロジェクト。角松の前年作「Sea is Lady」からの流れを汲んだような”Lady Ocean”、ゴージャスな人気曲”Nica's Dream”などグルーヴィな楽曲から哀愁漂うメロウネス”Nobody Can Do It -Aishu No Nini”、清水信之のイマージナル・インスト”Angel Flight -Like An Angel”まで一流のプレイヤーが奏でる高揚感に溢れた楽曲の数々。ドライブなんかにも最高でしょう。

A1 - Lady Ocean

A3 - Nica's Dream

A4 - Nobody Can Do It -Aishu No Nini

B1 - Angel Flight -Like An Angel

B3 - Deja-Blues