Tojima Toji = とうじ魔とうじ – 移動式女子高生

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Label:Air Record


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight wear) w/insert, originally no obi

Tojima Toji, who had been performing his own unique sound using everyday items other than musical instruments based on the concept of "sound seen with the eyes," formed the Tojima Toji Band with band members Tama’s Toshiaki Chiku and Koji Ishikawa, and released their first independent album in 1986. A total of on and only 9 tracks, confident experimental music with strange lyrics and subtle sounds.  B4/B2/A3 are particularly interesting. They seemed to be very cool live as well.


A2 - 病も木から落ちる

A3 - ヒサヤ大黒堂

A4 - 食休み

B2 - 猫の解剖

B4 - 鐘のある部屋