Todd Barton – Pieces

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Label:Todd Barton – SP 100


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+/EX (slight surface noise as quiet records, great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (clean)

Todd Barton, a composer/sound designer from Oregon. He has continued to present his musical expression through a number of releases in the past year and has been involved in various collaborations, demonstration music for creative instruments, consulting for Buchla, music for theatrical productions, more in addition to his own productions. This self-produced album from 1986 includes a number of imaginal soundscapes, including those performed at festivals and soundtracks, where you can feel a different approach to each track. Among them, Obake (it means ghost/monster in Japanese) including "Journey" a variant of minimal music that appears to be based on ethnic music, and 4 tracks from "Music & Poetry Of The Kesh" a creation of a fictional Kesh tribe that was released as an audiobook with cassetteis, are especially amazing.

米オレゴン出身の作曲家/サウンドデザイナーTodd Barton。昨年もリリースを重ね、現在まで自身の制作以外にも様々なコラボレーション、創作楽器のデモンストレーション楽曲、Buchla社のコンサルティング、劇伴音楽等、数多くの作品に携わり音楽表現を提示し続けています。本作は86年に発表された自主制作盤。フェスティバルやサウンドトラックで披露した楽曲を含む、曲ごとに違ったアプローチが見て取れるイマージナルなサウンドの数々。中でも民族音楽を土台にしたような変種のミニマル曲”Journey”を含むObake、カセット付きオーディオブックにて発売された架空の民族ケシュ族を創造した”Music & Poetry Of The Kesh"から編集した4曲が収録されたB面は特に素晴らしいです。

A1 - Dracula

A4 - Measure For Measure

B2 - Journey

B4 - The River Song

B5 - Willow Song

B6 - Heron Dance