Tó Neto ‎– Láctea

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Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (nice shape)

Jacket:VG+ (has 1cm cut on back,totally nice condition)

Cosmic traveler António Eduardo Benidy Neto a.k.a. Tó Neto who was born in Angola and moved to Portugal in the 70's, where he attended a music school and then developed his own musical path with mainly creation of cosmic and organic tunes. This is his first album in 1983. Highlight B3, which is like romantic space chamber music is the best、A2 and A4, which have a shimmering texture and floating feeling, are also good.

アンゴラ生まれで70年代にポルトガルに移り住んでから音楽学校に通い独自の音楽道を切り開き宇宙回帰なコズミックトラックや有機的な一面なども覗かせる曲群などでお馴染みの音楽家Tó NetoことAntónio Eduardo Benidy Neto。こちらが彼の83年の初作。まずロマンチック宇宙室内楽といった趣きのB3が白眉、きらきらとした質感で浮遊感のあるA2,A4もいい感じです。

A2 - Lisa

A4 - África Blue

B3 - Zuzu