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Used LP 1986

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Born in Angola and moved to Portugal in the 1970s, he went to a music school and pursued his own musical path. Tó Neto aka António Eduardo Benidy Neto's second album in 1986. The impression is that the previous work's spacey electronic orientation has evolved into a more sophisticated direction, start with A3 hedonistic electro track "Glória" and electro track with elegant atmosphere B2 "Laser".

アンゴラ生まれで70年代にポルトガルに移り住んでから音楽学校に通い独自の音楽道を突き進んだTó NetoことAntónio Eduardo Benidy Netoの二枚目のアルバムに当たる86年作。前作の宇宙的エレクトロニクス志向をより洗練された方向に進化させたような印象、まずはA3の快楽的なエレクトロ”Glória”とB2の優雅な雰囲気漂う”Laser”から視聴どうぞ。

A3 - Glória

B2 - Laser

B3 - Despertar Da Primavera