Takeshi Kobayashi = 小林たけし ‎– Genso = 絃想

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Label:Oasis Records


Used LP 1981

Disc:VG+/EX (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (scuffs, light brown wear)

Guitarist Takeshi Kobayashi released his independent second album, following the first album "Yunta". After the release of Yunta, "Kobayashi's thoughts at the time were fascinated by the music of various parts of Asia, full of energy different from the commercial Japanese music of the time" and fragments of "scenes from his travels to Asia, etc." as the source, guitar, piano, synthesizer, percussion, in addition Russian string instrument Balalaika, sitar, woodwind instrument Barnsley from the Indian subcontinent, bamboo flute Surin, and other ethnic instruments, while almost single-handedly created a multi-recording work. The shimmering folk music that was sublimated in him, led by such as A2 "Alma's Cloud", which is a tribute to the guitar, A5 "Himalayan Mountain Lights", which uses a "Minyo scale" to describe the peaks of the Himalayas as seen during a trip to India, long tune B1 "Doten" representing Tsugaru shamisen on guitar.


A2 - アルマの雲

A5 - ヒマラヤ山光

B3 - ラグ・ラグ・バリ