Titane ‎– Titane

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Label:Grupo Curare De Pesquisa E Divulgação Artística E Cultural ‎


Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (not bad condition as brazilian record,has petit noise at some points,slightly surface noise at silent part)

Jacket:VG- (has age wear and scrub,some break on gatefold sleeve)

A female singer Titane from Minas Gerais,this is her 2nd LP. A masterpiece that gives a glimpse of the common points with the São Paulo experimental group, which has a slightly special feeling, such as sharing activities with Uakti.Audio samples are A2 sings with a wonderful voice while concealing experimental undertones, spiritual melancholic B1 with Uakti.

ミナスジェライス州出身の特殊女性シンガーTitaneの2nd LP. Uaktiと活動を共にするなど独特な感覚を持ったサンパウロ派との共通点も垣間見える名盤。実験的な裏音を潜ませながら伸びのある声で歌い上げるA2、そのUaktiとの共作スピリチュアルメランコリックB1。素晴らしい作品です。

A2 - Barranco

B1 - Brasil Séc. V / Toré