Tin Bin ‎– Toccata (夜明け)

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Label:Warner Bros. Records


Used 7" 1989

Disc:VG+/EX (great condition)

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The last single by Tin Bin, a girl group consisting of five women playing piano, keyboards, synthesizers, and drums, which was active from 1987 to 1989. The B-side, the urban synth boogie "Mountain Dance," is noteworthy for its well-crafted development and ease of use. The A-side is a fast-paced dance tune "Toccata". Records were probably promo-only during the CD transition.

87年から89年まで活動していた女性5人によるピアノ、キーボード、シンセサイザー、ドラム構成のガールズ・グループTin Binの最終シングル。注目はB面のアーバン・シンセ・ブギー”Mountain Dance”、しっかり練られた展開もグッドで使い勝手も良さそうです。A面は高速打ち込みダンス・チューン”Toccata”を収録。CD移行期にてレコードはおそらくプロモオンリー。

B - Mountain Danc