Tim White, Jack Gates – Morning Song Evening Song

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Label:White Gates Records – 4707


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+/EX (good shape, opened from dead stock copy)

Jacket:VG+/EX (in shrink, opened from dead stock copy)

Released in 1983 by composer/multi-instrumentalist Tim White and guitarist Jack Gates, who continues to work as a guitar instructor and collaborator with various artists. One of their early works, the album features 6 tracks of new age/ethnic jazz that depict organic landscapes with a simple composition of guitar, sitar, and bamboo flute, and on several tracks, the mridangam, an ancient Carnatic percussion instrument. Exotic tones of sitar, dry guitar sounds, and the exquisite balance of flute that gives depth are like listening to ECM works. Especially "Morning Song", which is full of spiritual sounds, and "Odysseus And Circes," which gradually permeates meditativeness and psychedelia like Raga, are wonderful. Released on Jack Gates' private label. This is a dead stock copy that has been opened.

作曲家/マルチ奏者Tim Whiteと現在もギター講師や様々なアーティストとコラボレーションで活動を続けるギター奏者Jack Gatesによる83年作。彼らの初期作品のひとつでギター、シタール、バンブーフルートのシンプルな編成に数曲で古代のカーナティック打楽器ムリダンガムを交えた有機的なランドスケープを描くニューエイジ/エスニック・ジャズ全6曲を収録。シタールのエキゾチックな音色、乾いたギター音、奥行きを与えるフルートの絶妙なバランスで成り立つまるでECM作品を聞いているよう。特にスピリチュアルな響きに満ちた” Morning Song”、Ragaのようなメディテイティブ性とサイケデリアが徐々に浸透してくる”Odysseus And Circes”が素晴らしい。Jack Gatesのプライベートレーベルからのリリース。デッドストック品を開封したものになります。

A1 - Desert Solitude

A2 - Flint

A3 - Morning Song

B1 - Odysseus And Circes

B2 - Phases Of The Moon