Thierry Morati – Sleeping Bird / April Orchestra Vol. 53

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Label:CBS – APR 53


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (feel light surface noise at some parts, not bad shape overall)

Jacket:VG+/VG (age scuffs on bottom parts)

A library piece in the early days of his career, left by Thierry Morati, a French musician who left many ambient/new age releases in the 90s. This LP also contains based on ambient sounds that foreshadow his future style. The album opens with "Sleeping Bird" which has a soft organic feel, folloeing ambient piece "Pink Strings" that depicts a beautiful morale, home-made type Arabian synth-pop "Mental Frame" and ambient pop "Potter's Clay". Quite nice piece that is overlooked even in a series full of masterpieces.

90年を境には多くのアンビエント/ニューエイジ作品を残している仏人音楽家Thierry Moratiが活動初期に残したライブラリー作品。本作でも今後の作風を予感させるアンビエントサウンドを基にした音源を収録。まずオープニングを告げるタイトルにもなっている柔らかな有機感覚を帯びた”Sleeping Bird”、美しいモラレを描くアンビエント曲”Pink Strings”から、箱庭風変種アラビアン・シンセ・ポップ”Mental Frame”、アンビエントポッポ”Potter's Clay”まで全13曲。傑作揃いのシリーズでも見逃されている良作です。

A1 - Sleeping Bird

A2 - On The Top

A3 - Potter's Clay

B1 - Crasies Festival

B3 - Pink Strings

B4 - Mental Frame