The Style – Impero Di Sensi

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Label:Disco In – LPS 14151


Used LP 1981

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise at quiet part, B1 has popping sound due to pressing error or small scratch, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light ring mark, totally good category)

The only work under the name The Style by Italian drummer Giuseppe Aleot and multi-player Giggi Mosello, who have left amazing pieces under both names. The purpose of this album is unclear, but it's just killer contents filled with space age, abstract, experimental elements. “Impero Di Sensi” has spacey synths and repeated exchange of irregular drums, “Silver Batman” has perverted synths drifting through abstract drum beats, wired synth pop style Sexy Party”, and other unique space-age tracks are included. Fantastic wild jacket.

双方名義でも超傑作を残しているイタリア人ドラマーGiuseppe AleotとマルチプレイヤーGiggi Moselloの二人によるThe Style名義唯一作。どういった趣旨で制作されたのか説明がなく不明ですが、スペースエイジ、アブストラクト、エクスペリメンタルといった要素を詰め込んだやば~い内容。スペーシーなシンセと変則ドラムの応酬が繰り返される”Impero Di Sensi”、アブストラクトなドラム連打の中を変態シンセが漂う”Silver Batman”、ワイヤード・シンセ・ポップ的”Sexy Party”、その他個性的なスペースエイジ曲多数収録。ジャケもすっげ。

A1 - Impero Di Sensi

A3 - Una Sera Da Ricordare

A5 - Sexy Party

A8 - Io Su Te

B1 - Silver Batman

B2 - Aver Voglia

B3 - I Corpi

B6 - Nell'Acqua